Welcome to Sahara Analytica's Email Marketing Master Class for Beginners

If you're completely new to email marketing, or you're looking for something to bring you up to speed, this course is an excellent place to start. 

This email marketing course covers; how to meet your email marketing goals, types of emails to use, how to create an email marketing strategy customized to grow your business and your career. 

In under an hour or at your own pace, learn the basic in's and outs of email marketing; from personalization and segmentation to ways to measure your email marketing strategy’s success. 

Not to mention free workbooks and all-access to an exclusive Sahara Analytica students mastermind group. 

At the end of this course, you'll be able to apply what you've learned with ease. If you choose to further your education, you'll be starting with a solid email knowledge base.

What is the best way to use this course?

Each course comes as a public webpage. You can either go through this course in one go an apply what's learnt or take each lesson step by step and use the webpage to start making changes to your own email list or campaign. As you go through the course  take a more practical aspect to ensure that you've comprehensively understood each lesson. 

What is included in this course?

  • What & Why You Should Use Email Marketing 
  • Types of  Email Campaigns
  • Common Email Marketing Mistakes
  • How To Create an Email Marketing Funnel 
  • Growing Your Email Listing 
  • A/B Testing Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Lost or Have Any Questions

Maybe you have an email in the works and you’re worried you might miss the mark or you may need some feedback on your copy and design. 

Reach out to us and we will be more than happy to help, provide you with feedback and reading materials to guide you along the way. 

Email me at michael@saharaanalytica.com with the subject line: Email Marketing Course: (Question).